Davor Dujmovic

In the novel “The bridge on the Drina” great Ivo Andric wrote once the following: ”… Gypsy is the creature without the cross and the soul, so you cannot curse him nor call him a brother, and there is nothing on the earth or heaven you can curse him with…”

Davor Dujmovic- he was one completely different man. He carried within himself and with himself the burden of the luxurious talent, without big words and visible effort, with his head up, playing his roles till the end and regardless of the price. Davor was not a Gypsy but he was the king of Gypsies. He was the Perhan in “The time of the Gypsies” and in life, he had a soul and he also had the cross – his acting talent and the one to give his everything for those he loved, for his family and his friends.

Davor Dujmovic was born in Sarajevo on September 20th 1969. His acting carrier started as in some movie script, totally by chance. At the time, Davor attended second grade of Music school and almost on daily basis, after his classes, he came by his father’s who at the time worked at the Sarajevo market “Markale”. As in fairytales, one day, with his father he was sitting in the nearby restaurant when Emir Kusturica came by out of nowhere and offered him to take part in the audition for the role in the movie “When father was away on business”. This first Davor’s encounter with Kusturica shall mark his life and give him signs of travel through his carrier throughout the rest of his life. This movie, just before the premiere and entrance into European and world movies was awarded with GOLDEN PALM in Cannes and the doors of the film art were opened to Davor in great style. Although he was rejected as the candidate for the student of acting at the Academy of Scene Art in Sarajevo at this period, Davor didn’t stop there but with faith in himself and in his natural acting capabilities, gets significant role in the movie “The magpie strategy”.

Being almost eighteen years old, Davor Dujmovic is getting his most significant role in his life, the role of Perhan in Kusturica movie “The time of the Gypsies”. With this role, where Davor along with Sinolicka Trpkova, was brilliant on movie screens worldwide, has set him as one of the most talented young actors in Europe. Also, Davor and Trpkova were pronounced for the best acting couple across the ex-Yugoslavia. After “The time of the Gypsies” movie, Dujmovic already progressed through Kusturica’s private school of film, as a strikingly firm actor, tried his skills in the Theatre where he very successfully plays the role of Captain Scott in the “Moonplay”. The rest of his carrier sets alive very prominent roles in movies: “Praznik u Sarajevu”, ”Ruzina osvete”, ”Underground” and “Belle Époque”. After this, he reaffirms his presence in the constellation of the best young actors of that time in the episode roles of the series: “Moj brat Aleksa”, ”Sarajevske price”, ”Slozna braca”,”Top lista nadrealista”- where he showed his talent towards roles with Monty Payton humor.

During his artistic work and engagement in the movie, TV and Theatre projects, Dujmovic was positively characterized by the film critics. He was compared with a great movie star Dustin Hoffman… and therefore there will always be a doubt why he was not accepted as a regular student at the Sarajevo Film Academy.

At the beginning of ’90, Dujmovic started seriously to consume narcotics. This was the period of Davor’s life where through the landscape in the fog, he is trying to tame his hyperactive talent, get down on earth trying to stop consuming narcotics and continue to be the best naturally gifted actor.

That is the period when Yugoslavia starts to fall apart and when one artistic temple called Yugoslavian cinematography seize to exist. When the war started Davor was in Sarajevo, the town where he was born and which he loved with childish joy and passion.

First months of the war he remained in Sarajevo with his family and then disappointed and artistically destroyed with happenings in BiH and in Sarajevo, he lives to Belgrade, where he continued to work with Kusturica… After the war was over, Davor Dujmovic together with Andrej Gartner establishes “Culture foundation” of Republika Srpska. From banja Luka he goes to Slovenia where he started a whole new life with his girlfriend. He spent his free time out in nature with horses. Unfortunately, in this period he played the last role in his life, which ended his life and his artistic carrier tragically in May 1999.

Although Davor Dujmovic is physically not with us anymore, he shall remain eternal in his roles in which he will be always remembered by the movie fans, Sarajevo people, his friends and his family.

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